Dwelling / 2134 Maplewood Ave. / 27-May-2016

Vehicle Rescue / Easton Road / 20-Feb-2016

Dwelling / 1403 Lindbergh Ave / 15-Feb-2016



1 person was transported to AMH.

Dwelling / Jenkintown Rd / 18-Jan-2016

ATFD units were dispatched for a dwelling fire on the 800 block of Jenkintown Rd.

Engine 200 arrived onlocation and reported a working fire. CH-200 established command and put multiple lines in service. Fire was extending up to the roof above the 3rd floor (rear of the building).

Units were released and STA200 cleared approx. 1.5h into the incident.

MORE PHOTOS: http://www.blsphoto.com/…/2016/Dwelling-800bl-Jenkintown-Rd/

Dwelling / 1778 Rockwell Rd / 06-Jan-2016

Info courtesy of STA100.


Veh. Leaking Fuel / Old York Rd / 26-Dec-2015

Station 100 was dispatched for a tractor trailer leaking fuel on 611 (Old York Rd) at approx. 0615h on 2015-12-26. DC100 arrived onlocation reporting ruptured fuel tanks with a 50-100gal diesel spill from Susquehanna and 611 to Old Welsh and 611.

CH100 assumed 100 command and requested SS500, SD500, and E302 to spread oil-dry in the affected areas. Companies became available at 0815h.

2-Alarm Dwelling / Oak Ave, Cheltenham Twp. / 24-Nov-2015

Stations 3, 5, 2, 200, and 4 were dispatched on the original assignment for a dwelling fire on the 7300 block of Oak Ave. Chief-5 arrived onlocation and reported a 3-story twin, heavy fire showing first floor, extending to the second. The CTFD Confirmed procedures went out and a 2nd Alarm was struck. Companies remained in service for an extended period of time to assist with overhaul. R300 was on the 2nd Alarm assignment.

Station 300